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Oct 1, 2012 7:00pm PDT
is considerably better off by not having the taliban in afghanistan, not having saddam hussein in iraq. the countries have been given an opportunity to have a freer political system, a freer economic system. they've fashioned their own constitutions. they are going to have to -- those countries are going to have to plan their future and figure out their future and make their future. we can't build nations for other countries, the united states. but we can be helpful. if we do it in a wise way, we can set them on a path that will be better for their people and better for the region and better for the united states. that does not mean we have to stay there forever, in my view. >> greta: this administration -- i was in afghanistan, and secretary of state hillary clinton told a group of women that the united states would not leave and let the taliban come and continue to do the things to the women that they're going to do, that they did historically. looks like the taliban is coming in full force. >> i don't know that. >> greta: you don't think they're coming in at full force, the taliban?
Oct 1, 2012 7:00am PDT
the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack? >> the taliban says it was responsible for this. a suicide bomber walked up to an american patrol. it was americans who were walking joint patrol with afghan police as actually this american and afghan patrol was preparing to get back in nar vehicles. the taliban suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest and killed three americans and four members of the afghan patrol. the taliban is trying to make a comeback. the surge in this country is over. the 30,000-plus troops that were added to afghanistan are now out of the country. and the taliban wants to fight. they are trying to change the narrative here. they want to say that after 11 years they remain undefeated. that the resistance in afghanistan is yet again defeating a superpower. it seems the opposition in this country, the taliban and other militant groups, will continue to fight and want the last americans to leave here under fire. >> richard engel in kabul for us. thank you very much. >>> also making news this morning, ten years after a terrifying killing spree, d.c. sniper m
FOX News
Sep 30, 2012 1:00pm PDT
after began security forces can get a head start pledging their allegiance to the taliban. >> green and blue on attacks is likely to increase as the date to withdrawal draws closer. taliban attacks may diminish. why should the taliban take risks when they know we're leaving. it's more for the afghan national army personnel who want to show their loyalty. >> reporter: leon panetta says the taliban is trying to undermine our trust in afghan security forces and the chairman of joint chief of staffs says it won't work. >> one commander says insider attacks is affronted with their honor and culture and their faith. as for us, we are adapted go to changes in that threat, as well. that is what professional militaries do. >> the number of deaths from insider attacks has written from 35 last year and 53 this year so far. even as both sides are working hard to stop them with americans beefing up security on joint missions and afghans doing more background checks on recruits. >> heather: thank you peter. >> gregg: back on the bench, tomorrow the u.s. supreme court picks up where it left off th
Oct 2, 2012 3:00am PDT
with the taliban. the "times" reports american officials are essentially giving up on what was once a critical component of their strategy in afghanistan. they're opting for a far less ambitious plan that would have the afghans work out a deal among themselves once u.s. combat troops withdraw by the end of 2014. richard engel has been covering the conflict for nearly 11 years and filed this report from the afghan capital. >> reporter: this woman is about to die. executed for adultery. the man she was with got off scot-free, the taliban recently filmed this video of their justice as a warning and to say they're making a comeback. some 30 miles away in the village, we saw few signs of what the u.s. would consider progress in afghanistan and no evidence that the american plan to hand over to a credible, stable afghan government will work. these village elders tell me once u.s. troops leave, a civil war will begin and u.s.-trained afghan forces will not be able to stop it. >> are you preparing for this fight? are you already stockpiling weapons and ammunition and getting yourself ready? yes, we ar
Sep 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. it accomplished the primary objectives of reversing the taliban's momentum on the battlefield and dramatically increased the size and capability of the afghan national security forces. to fully understand the impact of the surge, i think it is a good thing to remind ourselves where things stood in mid-2009. at that time, the momentum was clearly on the side of the taliban. the insurgency was steadily retaking key parts of afghanistan. any time that the -- that our forces would clear an area and then leave, it was immediately taken back by the taliban. there were no areas that were transitioned, mainly because the afghan national security forces were not capable to provide security on their own or counter the taliban. the result was that afghanistan faced the real prospect that the taliban would take over large parts of the country, which ultimately would have strengthened al qaeda's hand and provided it again with a safe haven from which to plan attacks on our homeland. in short, in mid-2009, i think there was a real risk that the mission in afghanistan might very well fail. thanks to the effo
FOX News
Sep 25, 2012 3:00pm PDT
. helping the taliban with logistics and funding. the courts here say he and four other british-based terror suspects should be extradited. >> there is no question that he is a dangerous man. that successive government have been trying to remove him. that's why i welcome the decision of the men who question he should be extradited to the united states. >> the holdup was they needed to determine he would not be inhumanely treated if sent to united states. he kept filing for appeals. said to have been key aides of bin laden. in response to extra division ruling, some jihadist website called for u.k. to be punis punished. they could be on their way to states in a matter of weeks but as the story has been full of legal twists and turns, those awaiting them at the department of justice won't breathe a sigh of relief until terror suspects are wheels up. >> bret: amy, thank you. obama administration has recently made public a new list of prisoners cleared for release or transfer from the terrorist detention facility at guantanamo bay, cuba. apparently having served time there is becoming for insurg
Oct 1, 2012 9:00am PDT
. we do not know their nationalities yet. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this blast. the afghan interior ministry says the attacker drove a motorcycle packed with explosives into a group of soldiers and afghan police on patrol. >> this was a scene outside the building for the punk rock band pussy riot. protesters scuffled with police. some got hauled away. while that was going on outside. inside the hearing was being postponed until october 10th. one of the members says she wants to fire her lawyers because she disagrees how they're actually handle this case. you probably remember these three women in the group were sentenced to two years in prison for performing a song critical of president vladimir putin in a cathedral. the women are all appealing their sentences. >>> at least 28,000 people killed so far in the civil war in syria. now the syrian government as the foreign minister says he is going to be addressing the u.n. general assembly. our foreign affairs correspondent is joining us. good to see you in person, ellise. it is always bad news. what do we expect to
FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
this discussion? why is this so difficult to do? >> the biggest nightmare, the taliban is for us to not leave the region, to have a partnership with the afghan people past 2014. my hope we would withdraw most of our troops in 2014. leave 15 or 20,000 behind to aid the afghan army to make sure there is never a chance for the taliban to take the country over militarily. they know that. what are they trying to do? they're trying to break the partnership apart, the taliban. jenna: would you take the troops and put them in libya and go after the people that murdered our ambassador? >> i would work with the libyan government and the libyan people to have a joint operation to go after the terrorists. in afghanistan i would tell the taliban, you will never come back in power through the use of force. we'll never let this place become a safe haven for terrorists. we'll withdraw a troops substantially but we'll leave a follow-on force behind. your days of hoping to take this country are over and those brave enough to help us will feel emboldened and those that don't will be driven out the region and de
Oct 1, 2012 5:00am PDT
but they are not sure what made that poet overturn. >>> taliban is claiming responsibility he killed 14 people including nato troops. >>> now international troops near a market in cost province, so far they have not released the nationalities but most of the troops in that province are americans. >> hundreds of protesters are gathering near a u.s. base and they are protesting the deployment of the aircraft. they landed this morning and many of the people in that area opposed the use earlier this year. >>> the obama campaign says don't expect any zingers from the debate. he talked about the upcoming showdown during a rally yesterday. >> what i am most concerned about is having a serious discussing about what we need to do to keep the country growing and restore security for hard working americans. john mccain has debated for mitt romney and he is not expecting any major break throughs this moment. >> i can't remember whether it was the last time it was one of these comments that grabbed everybody's attention. he turned the race upside down and the debate will be campaigning in colorado today. >> well one
FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 9:00pm EDT
by the taliban. fort hood, turns out this guy was in touch with the cleric in association with the arabian -- >> sean: the pandering hasn't worked. >> that is utter insanity. >> sean: steve, i have a question for you. they said to us, the american people, they went out and there and they said, this has nothing to do with america, nothing to do with american policies. that's what they said. they said it had to do with a movie trailer released in july, and it just so happened to happen on 9/11. and, by the way, this spontaneous attack, they just so happened to rocket-propelled grenades and mortars with them at the time the spontaneous attack took place. not even you, steve, partisan democrat, should believe that. >> sean, this is a perfect example of what's called the fog of war. >> sean: fog of war? three weeks, fog of war. >> yes, that's exactly what it is. >> sean: it's a joke. >> there was total confusion afterwards, riots everywhere. >> sean: they knew within 24 hours, steve. >> what's a joke is your tirade here. this president has launched 270 drone attacks against -- >> sean: steve wa
Oct 1, 2012 3:00am PDT
. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. it follows a grim milestone over the weekend where the killing of an american serviceman late saturday pushed the total number of u.s. military deaths in the 11-year war to 2,000. officials say the troops' death on saturday appeared to be the result of another insider attack. as of this past weekend, there have been 52 coalition troops killed from insider attacks in afghanistan so far this year. >> willie, we've been talking about it for some time. what a milestone. what a terrible, terrible milestone. and it seems a tragedy just keeps growing by the day there. the troops we're supposed to be training to take over are turning their guns on u.s. servicemen and killing them. >> 2,000 americans dead. $570 billion. we sound like a broken record. we say it every time one of these stories comes up. but again i ask, is this what the next two years and change is going to look like in afghanistan? are we prepared to go through at least 2 1/2 more years of this with the withdrawal date at the end of 2014? because it's not going to end. >> we th
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
. they report generals in afghanistan have reportedly given up a peace deal with the taliban. they are hoping the afghan government can work out some kind of an agreement once combat forces leave. they have approved any peace deal. >>> the average american household family comes if congress fails to avoid a looming cliff. that is according to the center. tax cuts are set to go into effect in january but a bipartisan group of senators are working on a plan that would put off increases in cuts while addressing the deficit. lawmakers say no action will be taken until after november. >>> mitt romney's campaign is out with a new scathing add campaign ahead of tomorrow's debate. here is more on how the ads target president barack obama on taxes. >> reporter: the mitt romney's campaign new slow began, we can't afford four more years of president barack obama. and in a new ad out today, mitt romney is accusing president barack obama of raising new taxes and planning new tax increases if he gets another term. >> liberals pay for government run healthcare, you will pay more for taxes and for your medic
FOX News
Oct 1, 2012 3:00am PDT
that were patrolling a market. the taliban claiming responsibility. the attack comes a day after two americans were killed in the shootout between afghans and american troops. >>> we're two days away from the first presidential debate. president obama's campaign trying to lower expectations by saying he is at the disadvantage. >> now challengers tend to do really well in debate. that's been moment we believed all along governor romney probably has more benefit out of this debate potentially than we do. >> gretchen: republican vp nominee paul ryan agrees and says mitt romney will show voters there is a clear choice. >> people will see is who is mitt romney? what kind a president will be and what are the choices i have? that, to me s what matters in this debate and alt debates, which is i know what president obama has done. i know all of these empty promise, broken promises. i know about the ugly stagnant economy. what is mitt romney and paul ryan offering? that's what we'll get out of wednesday. >> gretchen: the denver debate will focus on domestic policy. >>> the search for a houston
Oct 1, 2012 11:00am PDT
when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives. the taliban did claim responsibility for that attack, but that also followed another deadly weekend where two more americans were killed including an american service member and an american civilian contractor that was training afghan security forces at a checkpoint in the province west of kabul. another insider attack when an afghan soldier approached them, pulled his weapon out and killed them. the americans fired back killing the assailant but also two more afghan soldiers. this eroding the trust between the u.s. and afghan security forces here. already this year alone, 31 americans have died because of these insider attacks. tamron? >> atia abawi, thank you very much. >>> nbc news special coverage of the crisis in the middle east is called "at the brink" and it continues tonight on nbc nightly news and all the platforms of nbc including msnbc. >>> still ahead, i'll talk to a political rhetoric expert about how the words, tone, answers at the debate could decide the winner and loser. he says romney needs to project a, quote, maturity
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 10:00am PDT
message is this: most of the casualties from the taliban ieds aren't americans, they're afghans. they are, indeed, afghan casualties. most of what the taliban does inflicts casualties on their own countrymen. the good news is the united states is still here backing them up, as you just saw. alisyn: and, colonel north, quickly, we are hearing reports here in the states that military voting is way down in this election cycle. what are the troops saying to you in the field? >> i've done my own informal off the record polls out here, and roughly 50% of those who have asked for ballots have not yet received them. of course, the good news is, there is still time. the big question is, how many of those who asked for them will never get them, and if there are numbers who haven't asked for them, we've got to find out why. back to you. alisyn: colonel north, thank you so much for that story. >>> meanwhile, growing outrage back here at home over those reports that u.s. troops are not getting the voter assistance they need in the field. in virginia alone there was a 92% drop in absentee ballot reques
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Sep 25, 2012 8:00am PDT
; providing logistics and financial support to the taliban, involvement in a hostage-taking in yemen in which several hostages were killed, and he's also accused of trying to set up an al-qaeda training camp in oregon. the other four are accused of various crimes, two of involvement in deadly attacks on u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania, and two of advocating terror on the web. now, jon, the bbc reported earlier today that one of it reporters had had a conversation with the queen many years back before one suspect was in jail in which she expressed concern that this man was at large while inciting hatred against british subjects. the bbc then had to retract that story because it was really violating, in a sense, a private conversation between her majesty, the queen, and a reporter. however, it is widely said, jon, that that sentiment does reflect a lot of the popular opinion here in the united kingdom. now, as you mentioned, these five could be on planes back to the united states within a matter of weeks if there aren't any last minute plot twists. it is believed that they, if convicted or
Sep 25, 2012 7:00am PDT
taliban will be court- martialed. the incident became public in january after a video surfaced of four marines urinating on three dead men last july. the two marines were also charged with other misconduct. >>> solano county could lose money. officials say the budget cuts would severely effect travis air force base. they also say san diego county could lose the most. more than 100 -- rather $1 billion in cuts. right now lawmakers in washington, d.c. are considering an 18% cut to defense spending over the next 10 years. >>> a man accused of punching a san jose police officer in the face is punching several charges. police say it happened sunday amp when police responded to domestic violence calls. they say they found a man arguing with a woman trying to get inside the house. when police officers arrived that man allegedly punched the officer in the face. >>> well, the group home in the south bay is being sued over allegations of one of their staff members sexually abusing a child. emq's family first ignored a warning that a staff member was acting inappropriately towards a 12-year-old g
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)